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Provincial Labour Office Sakaeo

Organization Structure

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    • MissKachamas Yangyuen

      MissKachamas Yangyuen

      Labor Technical Scholars
      • Miss.Busayamas Kongmuang

        Miss.Busayamas Kongmuang

        Academic Staff
        • Mrs.Wanida Rungroj

          Mrs.Wanida Rungroj

          Administration Staff S4
    • Miss.Ammara Yathakhan

      Miss.Ammara Yathakhan

      Labor Technical Scholars
      • Miss.Jittima Payupa

        Miss.Jittima Payupa

        Academic Staff
        • Mr.Suwat Improm

          Mr.Suwat Improm

          Car Driver S 2
    • Mr.Itthiphon Thachaem

      Mr.Itthiphon Thachaem

      Finance And Accounting Officer
      • Mr.Khachonsak Saowarod

        Mr.Khachonsak Saowarod

        Basic Analysis And Processing Officer