Sa Kaew Province name. From a swimming pool, traditional local names, Muang Sa Kaeo, which is 2 pool in the Thon Buri period around year 2324 sales Buddha Blue King Chulalongkorn the Great World. He is the King when the king is fighting to raise general hit Cambodia (Khmer) has put military area, visit these two swimming pools. Army builds usable water from the pool. Art has dubbed both "The Art Sakaeo spirit" and has a pool of water from these two used to practice good medicine prosperity holds water. The treated water is purified.

            Sa Kaeo is the same as the old district government has set up a checkpoint for people and goods to make - from a government official said as much as Mr. Dan served until the year 2452 as the government has raised the subdistrict. called "sub-districts Sa Kaeo" in the administration of district Kbintrsburi. The swimming pool name is the name sub-districts to date. Later on July 23, 2501, which is the Royal. Improve as more is known districts. "District, Sa Kaeo" in the subject's parents. Prachinburi province, and on December 1, 2536 Act was established in Sa Kaeo Province announced in the Government Gazette Vol 110 extra step to 125 dated September 2, 2536, resulting in Sa Kaeo Province. Be open on December 1, 2536 as the 74 provinces of Thailand.